Welcome to Gary's Desk. The home of Gary's Content Manage System that is used to format all content at this site.

The only
Pages are generated from database saved articles and other media.
pages that physically exist are the external applications: page mailto, guestbook, calendar, and gallery. The guestbook and calendar are formatted from the data in database tables. The gallery script formats pages based on the contents of gallery directories. Other pages, such as this one, don't actually exist as
Newsletter Visit the Newsletter page for formatting examples.
a file, but are generated from database data.

Each page consists of zero or more 'articles'. These articles can be placed at the banner, top, bottom, left, center, and right content areas.
Floating Articles
Floating articles may be named or unnamed.

The William Herschel Telescope. La Palma, Canary Islands.
floating articles simply float into the top of the succeeding article.

Named floating articles don't automatically float into the next article. The float macro must be used to insert named floating articles into any article any number of times. Set the article's page to 'all' to make it available on any page.

To produce the best 'pleasing to the eye' format, you can adjust the font face, font size, line spacing, padding, macro position, float alignment, float width and image sizes.
There can be any number of pages and any number of articles on a page. Articles can be assigned to all pages or to a specific page.

Pages and articles have selectable viewing privileges. A member or guest can view pages or articles that have the viewing privileges set to include their member level. Articles may be assigned a start-up time and an ending time.

There are numerous macros that output table of contents, pagelinks, gallerys, gallery links, gallery picklist, rss feeds, summary of calendar events, categorized links, encrypted email links, mail page such as newsletter, members contact, play media file, login, site registration, datetime and more.

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